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This is the best way to lose weight


What exercise is consumed by fat and after you have finished training, how can you look slimmer and not lose weight and why it is important to count calories?

Often we can hear that cardio training will burn more calories than weight training, but that’s only partially true, experts warn. Yes, in one training cardio will probably burn more calories, but what the strength training will do for you, cardio can not. Namely, strength training accelerates your metabolism up to 36 hours after exercise, so you will continue to burn calories (and fat) after training, while your body uses proteins, vitamins and muscle repair minerals.

Loss of fat, not weight loss, should be your goal. The number of scales has nothing to do with your health and generally with good feelings and even looks. If your goal is to reduce the weight of the pot, you have already been condemned to failure because when you do not see the results, you can easily give up the changes you plan to implement. Remember that your muscles are much harder (and louder) than fat, so it may even happen that your potassium in the vagina grows if you regularly and steadily exercise, and that you are seemingly skewer.

As all the workout results do not fall into the water, never skip meals. For example, do not skip lunch if you intend to go to dinner later, thinking it will be useful in avoiding extra calories. If you miss meals, your body will think that there is food shortage, slow down your metabolism, and keep your fat tight.

Always dine lightly. For example, you see that you always fill at least half of the plate with the vegetables before serving anything else. Green vegetables are excellent because they have little calories and are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

We often hear that it is not important to count calories, but many nutritionists and clinical dieticians do not agree with that. Success in weight loss is associated with maths, because many people do not know how to correctly recognize the signals they send to their body. For example, we think we are hungry, and in fact, our body is thirsty, so it is enough to reach for a glass of water instead of a chocolate or biscuit to soothe that strange feeling. Also, we eat because of emotional hunger. And, therefore, put the figures on the paper and calculate how much calorific value you have been eating. On average, in order to maintain a desired weight, women need about 2000 calories per day, and men have about 2700 calories. So, if you want to lose weight, you will still need to reduce it.

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