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This is the best position where you can sleep


                        When it comes to sleep, most of us have a favorite sleeping position. But that does                                           not mean that every position is good for you or your health. And the best place to sleep is …

We can not choose a favorite nightmare, she chooses us! The shawl on the side. When it comes to sleep, the body should come to a state of mental and physical rest. According to a holistic approach to health, sleep is immensely important for mental, physical and emotional well-being. Also, not enough quantity, but also quality of sleep – is an important way of breathing, sleep phase change and resting phase, spine position …

Do you sleep well and with quality? These are three classic positions for a dream:

On the stomach

This is the worst way to sleep. The muscles of the head, neck and jaw are pressed, the jaw joints are stiff, and the bad position of the lower back and pelvis is bad. Imagine finishing a wet towel – that’s exactly what you do with your muscles in your dreams. You’re shaking them and “jerking”. Also, during sleep, you can not breathe well.

On the back

Sleeping on your back is better, but here is the most prominent breathing problem. In this way the jaw is excited, the tongue “falls” to the throat, which can block the air flow. Those who sleep on their back often have snoring problems, and can also lead to sleep apnea, no unhealthy breathing disorders.

On the side

It is probably best to sleep at your side, especially if you have a good headrest pillow and an extra pillow on the side to keep the leg that does not lie directly on the mattress also received support and rest. From neurological and muscular perspectives, this is the most salty way of sleep and makes the best of your body. This position is good for digestion, especially if it is sleeping on the left because it restores part of the digestive system where the esophagus passes into the stomach.

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