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Photo of the woman’s birth at home fascinated the world


                                Her first childbirth was traumatic, so Marissa Hackel from Ohio decided to give birth to                                             her second child at home – sharing her experience with the world

There are numerous stories about heavy birth. Problems with epidural, cervical, unbearable pain are just a few of them. After experiencing trauma in the hospital at the first birth, Marissa Hackel decided – she would give birth to another child at home. When Marissa shared a picture of herself and her newly born babies on Facebook, the story of this powerful American has become virulent. “I did not have such a good experience three years ago when I was born in a hospital, and my staff attacked me because I did not want an epidural, and during my birth they forced me to do the same, and made me run back and print when I was born. I am with injuries and seams. “,she wrote in her announcement of Hackel. Taught by terrible experience and in agreement with her husband, Marissa decided to give birth to a home without any expert help, and at no time did she doubt her decision.

Despite the fact that the ailments came two weeks later than planned, she did not panic for having a baby at home: “I was just waiting for my work to start, I was so excited, the relationship I had with my body was what made me positive. two weeks beyond the planned birth, that my body will be notified when she is ready for birth. ”

The exact maturity she did not know for Melissa alone, but she thinks it was a few hours. When contractions started, the husband was all along with her.

“When I needed to print, I tried to stay on the bed, but it made me too unnatural.” “I explained to my husband what he was doing and took me to the toilet.” “I let the body just start printing and I sat in the shell. My husband warned me that if I pressed too much for a baby to hit her head to the edge of the shell or worse, it would hit her. “Marissa then got up from the shell and explained to her husband that she wanted to give birth to what she thought was completely gone mad. Indeed, the American released the body to the end of the baby, and her husband began to paint.”I never felt stronger in life,” concludes Marissa Hackel.

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