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High heels are harmful to health even after short wearing


From painful deformations, sometimes there are those that can only be treated by an operative procedure.

Wearing tall heels moves the balance line and creates loads on specific parts of the body resulting in pain, deformation , degenerative changes, compromise of nerves and other structures.

It occurs lumbar lordosis increases, pelvis rotates forward, hips moving beyond the correct postural lines and knees in front of this line . The higher the height , the more pressure on the front of the foot is greater, which affects the formation of changes in the forelimb of the foot. The higher the weight, the greater the pressure on that part.

The consequences of wearing tall heels , but also narrow shoes, are manifested in the appearance of various pathological consequences such as:

Ankle fingers – the result of tight footwear, resulting from shortening the tendons and ligaments most often the second toe. Here comes the protrusion of the middle finger piece , as it folds like a bow and bends the finger too low. Such deformity can result in extremely severe pain and stiffness of the finger.

Ankle injury

They represent a common trauma that occurs when wearing high heels shoes (exhale, twisting …).  Achilles tendon on high heels pretty much shrinks and becomes a vulnerable place for injury. Along with the achilles tendon, the left muscular muscle, the three muscle of the lower limb, is shortened. There is a worse circulation and the appearance of lower leg pain.

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