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Do you know how to properly open and serve sparkling wine?


Sparkling wine does not drink every day so it is not strange that you may not know how to open it, without hurting yourself, someone else, breaking the lamp and pouring half the content on the carpet – the thoughts that are passing through our heads every time we get the bottle . Well, it’s the biggest celebration of the year, it’s time for “Opening a Champagne 101”.

No drink is more suitable for the celebration than the one that, it seems, only for celebration and creation. That is why we have prepared a small guide for you this year to teach you how to properly open a bottle of champagne, and it is not for you to show your learned skills when you show 12 hours. Deal? So let’s move on. There is a reason why the sparkling wine always serves in the ice canoe. Namely, to prevent choking and burning of drinks at the moment we open a bottle, it must be well chilled. Specifically, its temperature must be about 7 degrees Celsius.


Step 1: The bottle is cooled in an ice canoe about half an hour before opening

Step 2: Place a cloth around the bottle; this will help to float the plug in the TV screen, but also to catch some of the fluids that might spill.

Step 3: Pull the bottle to the neck with your thumb securing the plug, then slowly start to unwind the wired “cart” that adheres to it.

Step 4: After removing the wire, hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle. Hold the stopper with one hand, and the bottom of the bottle with the other. Start turning the bottle – no plug – slowly and cautiously.

Step 5: Slowly release the plug and start spinning.

In order to have the best flavor of the sparkling wine, put it in special glasses, narrow and high so called. flute glasses to keep the full flavor and slower bubbles, and to avoid too much sparking, make sure the liquid stays down the glass wall, just like when you are brewing beer.

In the end, despite the fact that you have been able to see countless times, never, but NEVER make a bottle (you are not on the winning stand of formula1). In addition to creating additional pressure, once the spark plug is opened, it will be completely exacerbated and thus lose its original taste and texture.

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