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5 things about breastfeeding that our moms discovered


During breastfeeding your body can sometimes act as if it were not yours. You may feel thicker, thicker, and you may be slimmer than before pregnancy. These are some of the changes that happen in your body when you’re in the shower

Maybe at the time you are breastfeeding, you seem to be doing it all day – you just give up your baby and you do not get anything else. And let’s not talk about leaking milk in totally inappropriate conditions. Or when these breasts die in the middle of the night because they are full of milk and the only thing left to you is to wake your baby and feed him. We would not wish this to be a text in which we attack breastfeeding, we must emphasize that this process has a lot of benefits: “Mothers who breastfeed have a reduced percentage of the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, rematuoidnog arthritis and obesity”, points out founder of a breastfeeding clinic in Portland Latched on MD, Zarya Rubin.

Indeed, breastfeeding is a strong bond between mother and child, but some bizarre things happen while we are breastfeeding, and here’s why …

1. Your nipples will be damaged

Perhaps it sounds unbelievable, but when that little mouth touches the nipples, it really may seem to be the best feeling in the world. Even a few decades ago, women had flattened the chest with a wig (auc). Fortunately, it does not work anymore, but it has good news. The more you go, the nipples will be tighter and the less you will feel the pain as at the beginning of breastfeeding.

2. Boli … very much! At least in the beginning

Do not be surprised if your nipples are very sensitive to touch or if you feel that thousands of small needles and pins kill them. This is the sensitivity of the nerves because the baby is really pulling milk until it finally stabilizes. After the first difficulty breathing, the hormone oxytocin is slowly released, which is why you feel happy. What does not help breastfeeding, more precisely what makes it nervous during breastfeeding is stress, anxiety and caffeine, so you should avoid it while you are in the …

3. Do you lose weight or … no?

There is a theory by which you spend 500 to 800 calories per day , so that all the creeps that have come at birth are slowly losing. However, this does not have to be applicable to every mother. Specifically, it means that there are breast-feeding women who are only extremely hungry after birth. Specifically, it is assumed that after birth they even get weight. However, this does not mean that the status quo will remain, and therefore the mother does not have to worry at all.

4. Nutritional value of milk changes

This means that with aging and baby growth, and breast milk becomes different. The calorific value, the density and the taste are also changed. As the baby grows and develops, milk becomes richer in the immune system with valuable factors. Likewise, if a baby or mum breaks, milk changes flavor to further protect both.

5. You want to get out of your own skin

This really has nothing to do with whether you like your baby or not, but the fact we are sometimes tired of ourselves and even breastfeeding. Many mothers feel guilty because they think they do not give enough attention or love to the child, but that is not true. Such thoughts usually occur because of the mother’s relationship to one’s own body. Reduced appetite, bad sleep and stress greatly affect the quality of milk and breastfeeding at all. So if you feel any change or you notice that somehow you do not breastfeed, talk to your doctor. He will surely know what to do …

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