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4 steps to make a wise decision. Overall


Dealing with important decisions may sometimes be poorly completed. Therefore, certain rules should be followed in such situations

It is not a good thing to shrink and strike – for what, especially when there is an important decision ahead that can potentially change our lives. Therefore it should be wise – and stick to these rules.

1. Time  Whether it’s a job break, a new hairstyle, or a break with a boyfriend – all that decision is not good to do overnight. “Do I have to sleep under the bridge just because my colleague is really nervous?”, “Shall I just break because he tells me things I do not want to listen to?” Or “Do I have a head shape suitable for short hair or will I look like an egg? “- these are the questions that you need to put in peace. Take a few days to think about what’s OK, and what’s not – even if you already have the feeling that you know what to decide – it’s good to think again!

2. Second opinion  Talk to your parents, friends, or partners. Second, third, or fourth thought can often help to see certain things from another angle.

3. Smell  If you make a decision 200 times per hour, you will be hyperventilated and would rather shout out of all your voices – this will certainly not help you make the right choice and then do not do anything good. If you still have to make a decision quickly, then close your eyes and take a deep breath 50 times before you start thinking further. Get off to the fresh air briefly and go for good and peace thinking about everything.

4. Samples  Try to think of a person you think you have your life under control and make good decisions. Then think about what that person would do at your place.

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