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10 songs we listened to in 2017


2017 was definitely the year to create contagious hits that no one managed to resist. Well, although in some songs we still know only one word (I know you know what I mean), we’re sure these hits will stay on our music list and deep in 2018.

since this year was particularly fertile, it was difficult to choose just 10 hits we listened to while our ears did not bleed. That’s why we bring a ladder of only those hits that we, at the time of the turn, all amplified the radio. Although there is no worst, I think we all know the best, so let’s start with number 10 for extra drama:

10. “Friends,” Justin Bieber and BloodPop

One of those that slowly gets you in the skin with each of the following listening. We do not all have to be “Belieberi” to agree that this new Justin Bieber is really great.

9. “Bad Liar”, Selena Gomez

Selena, in contrast to her BFF Taylor Swift, entered the badge of the bad girls later and started making hits that did not look like a sweet and charming “neighboring girl”, but we do not regret it because this hit deserved its place in the “repeat” list the same second when we pressed “play”.

8. “You Do not Know Me,” Raye

Raye came by now with the hit “Shh”, one of the ones you’re sure you like, but you’re not sure why. “You Do not Know Me” did not disappoint. What’s more, we worshiped her so much that we hypnotized staring at Jax Jones on the flakes box so much that the spot was not needed either. Still, we’re glad they did it because it’s great!

7. “Malibu,” Miley Cyrus

After the psychedelic and swim in the slingshot of “Dead Petz”, Miley returned for a moment to the roots of her country with this wonderful love song we are sure she is dedicated to Liam Hemsworth, which is clear to us as we would love to love such love songs. The only minus in the spot is the fact that the spot contains only one of her dogs, but not all.

6. “Sign of the Times,” Harry Styles

I mean … should anything else be commented on ANOTHER?

5. “Rockabye”, Clean Bandit

We hit this hit so many times that it seems to have existed for years, right? Well, one thing is for sure – it’s not just a mother’s heart.

4. “Attention”, Charlie Puth

When I first listened to this thing, it was awful. To refrain. Now I can not stop listening. When I first released her for the first time, she claimed nothing was special to him. Now we sing it on every occasion from the five vessels.

3. “Wild Thoughts”, DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

“Wild Thoughts”, more popular as “Wah Wah Wah”, Rihanna with the obliques and sounds of the famous Santana hita from 1999 = unbelievable recipe for the hit of the year. OK, maybe he did not win the title of the absolute slowest year, but for that reason without thinking we put in our top 3.

2. “Shape of You”, Ed Sheeran

The song Sheeran has definitively proved to be unable to create a song that will not occupy a high place in the top rankings, but also a song that shares an essential attribute with the absolute winner, which is what you love or absolutely can not think but not because which is not good, but because you have the feeling that they have been released several times since they released ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ since 1994. Dostaaaaa!

1. “Despacito,” Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee

DES-PA-jeSI-li-ti-TO suspected? Of course, none of them can be measured with the famous Despacit, which made the whole world sing “De-spa-cito, intentntnt o … ito …” It’s amazing to me that no one has ever dared learn this word anymore .

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